What If You Could "Reset" Your Brain?

More specifically, what if you could remove the fear, negativity, and self-doubt that are keeping you from achieving your dreams... and do it in as little as 7 days?

Dear Friend,

We all start out the same… without any skills or knowledge.

The big question, then, is…

Why do some people succeed…. while others fail?

My name is Brad Gosse. Together with my business partner, Justin Popovic, I developed a unique training program that can help you PERMANENTLY change your behavior and improve your life for the better. It’s called 7-Day Brainwash.

You see, because Justin and I both take on a coaching role in our businesses, we see the same problems holding people back… time and time again.

Often, our clients lack clarity and organization in their thinking — they need guidance to help them get on the right track.

In direct response to that need…

We’ve created a 7-session program that can have a huge impact on your life. This training is essentially an extract of our most powerful lessons. There’s no other training like it available.

Furthermore, we realize that people want to see fast results. So we’ve designed our program to give you results in days — instead of weeks, months, or even years.

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably been trying to get “unstuck” for years. Well, with our 7-Day Brainwash program, it can actually happen… in as little as a week.

In fact, our training may forever alter the way you view the world… it’s that powerful.

Does “7DB” Really Work?

I can understand that you might be skeptical. But, the fact of the matter is that we use these EXACT concepts ourselves. By following our own methodology, we’ve been able to:

  • Create successful businesses.
  • Overcome fear of public speaking, failure, and rejection.
  • Increase our income.
  • Build better relationships both with our spouse and friends.
  • Become happier and more energized.
  • See a huge increase in our self-esteem and confidence.

So, yes, this program really works… we know because we were the “guinea pigs” for it.

And we believe it will work for you, too.

Change Your Life… In 7 Days

Here are some of the potentially life-changing lessons you’ll experience…

Day 1: Having Vision…

  • Using “binaural beats” to reprogram your brain.
  • How to set goals and find your passion.
  • “Myths” that can sabotage your success.
  • How to align your actions with your intentions to achieve your dreams.

Day 2: Taking Action…

  • How to use the concept of “failing forward” to accelerate your success.
  • Why failure is an essential part of succeeding.
  • How to make taking action a habit.
  • Why stepping outside your comfort zone can bring you closer to your goal.
  • The causes of procrastination (or “analysis paralysis”) and how to overcome it.
  • How to stop making excuses… and start taking action on a consistent basis.

Day 3: Become Productive…

  • Learn how to think like a top producer… and then become one.
  • How to be a “decisive” decision maker.
  • Discover the key elements to becoming more productive.
  • When to use outsourcing to boost your productivity.
  • How to get more done by avoiding distractions and learning to schedule your time.
  • The essentials of effective time management — learn techniques that really work.

Day 4: Facing Fear…

  • How to face fear and move ahead by learning to break it down.
  • Learn to recognize “the 4 fears” that are holding you back.
  • How working through your “worst case scenario” can help you feel better.
  • The real cause of procrastination… and what to do about it.
  • Why conquering small fears can help you conquer larger fears.

Day 5: Building Confidence…

  • How to build your confidence to make more money and create better relationships.
  • 4 simple, yet effective, exercises to help boost your confidence.
  • Why confidence is one of the KEY determinants of success.
  • How the concept of “assumptive selling” can increase your confidence level.
  • How learning to recognize your own value can quickly increase your confidence.
  • How a lack of confidence affects your attitude — and spills over into the rest of your life.

Day 6: Understanding Money…

  • Learn to shatter your ideas about money by looking at it in a different light.
  • Why the secret of understanding money isn’t about the money itself.
  • How to acquire an attitude of “abundance.”
  • Discover money myths… that can keep you broke.
  • How to “master” money — instead of being its servant.
  • Learn to determine how much money you really need (it’s probably less than you think).

Day 7: The Habit Of Perseverance…

  • Effective ways to train yourself to get things done. (Hint: Finishing is more important than starting.)
  • How to commit to your success, be persistent, and stay on track.
  • Why you should listen to — and trust — your “gut instincts.”
  • How to avoid having a “victim” mentality.
  • Why NOT getting “emotionally attached” can help you succeed.
  • How to remain persistent in the face of adversity.

Inside our training program, you’ll discover all of the above… and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1) Who is this training for?

It’s for anyone who wants to make a significant change in his or her life — but has been putting it off (or didn’t know where or how to begin).

Whether you’re a struggling business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, a professional who lacks the confidence to advance in their career, or simply someone who feels “stuck” or held back by fear — the 7-Day Brainwash program can help.

#2) How is your training different from all the other self-help programs on the market?

Our training is unique. There’s really nothing else like it on the market.

Where most training programs of this type take weeks, months, or even years to produce results, we cut right to the chase. We focus on the essential, CORE changes you need to make. We start at the beginning… and by day 7 you’ll be ready to start making REAL changes to improve your life.

#3) I tend to be a procrastinator — can your program help me?

Yes. Many people want change. But they procrastinate… only to find that YEARS have gone by while they remain in “wait and see” mode… and never take action.

But, if you follow our system, it will “FORCE” you to take tangible action. We’ll show you how to interrupt your current negative thought patterns and give you insight into new ways of thinking. That new thinking, in turn, will drive new behaviors… and allow you to see results.

#4) Is the training difficult?

To the contrary, we think you’ll find that it’s actually quite enjoyable. You see… anyone can use our methods. It’s not difficult. No special skills are required. The only real requirement is the commitment to go through the complete 7-day program and use what we’ve given you.

#5) I’ve taken other self-help programs that were extremely dull. Is your 7-Day Brainwash plan boring?

No! Our product is unique. It’s delivered in conversational style. Justin and I simply discuss each lesson — in a conversation between us — rather than in a formal teaching (or lecture) mode. This was done deliberately. The majority of our clients have said that this conversation style made it appealing to them.

To sum up, our goal is to help educate and motivate you to take action and implement the ideas.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Our guarantee is simple…

We’re so sure you’ll love 7-Day Brainwash — and the results you’ll experience — that we offer a full, 30-day money-back guarantee.

There is NO RISK on your part. Either you love our program or you’ll get your money back.

There are NO catches, NO fine print, and NO nonsense.

Begin Your Transformation Now…

When you order 7-Day Brainwash, you’ll receive…

  • 7 MP3 digital audio files containing over 7 hours of cutting-edge information.
  • Special Bonus: Our “Binaural Beats” meditation audio (which will help you relax and visualize your goals).
  • The 7-Day Brainwash Workbook (in convenient PDF format) with 7 days worth of activities and to-do’s that will help you learn and implement the ideas.

7-Day Brainwash is a complete program and a tremendous value. A single hour of consulting time — from either of us — costs more than the entire 7-day program.

However, since we know a lot of people can’t afford our fees, we decided to record a series of special sessions that cover the essential topics we’re asked about most often.

Just click the button below anytime — day or night — to INSTANTLY and SECURELY download the complete program so you can begin to make positive changes to your life…

60 Day Money Back Gurantee